Speed On

More for you. More for your car

No two drivers are the same. So, why should be their insurance costs?
What began as a consumer insight question evolved to a car insurance quotation tool.
In consistency with Generali’s ecosystemic philosophy building on the notion of «more than insurance», different car types, coverage options and the unique features of each driver are categorized, isolated, and then reassembled into a final insurance package tailored for every driver. Unique, like them.

The most advanced Motor Insurance Quotation Tool. —

Qualitative data and state of the art development were combined to breathe life into Generali’s ecosystem philosophy in the field of car insurance, via a unique quotation tool.

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Detailed funnelling, in depth personas research and integration with CRM system, promote a seamless process of researching, comparing and finally offering a personalized insurance package, in three simple steps.


Via the innovative Speed On quotation tool, one may compare covers, choose the most suitable policy, and get a quote instantly.