Red leads the way…

If insurance had a colour… it would be RED!
Full of passion, innovation, love, care, and willingness to offer more than insurance.

Our main goal?
To strengthen awareness along with consideration and preference. —

Generali’s philosophy transforms into a bold campaign standing out for its upbeat pace, unique selling points, youthfulness and its RED element!
Our 360o campaign focuses on health, car and home products fully exploiting the digital environment with communication on top and bottom funnel.

Concept, Production, Media Campaign, Site Design, Site Development


The «Reditude» campaign was aired on October ’21. The results were phenomenal with major increase in all brand KPIS’ (awareness & preference), bringing an outstanding year on year increase on leads. A campaign which resulted in winning the Gold Indie Award for our great performance.


By implementing a data driven strategy, we created a custom designed microsite for all the product categories in focus. All campaign creatives were fully customized on the needs of each target group and the customer’s journey stage.

For the first time, the insurance agent’s role as a mediator was highlighted, and became a distinct feature for Generali and an added value for the clients.