Life On

Health Insurance Ecosystem

Votality requires agility and disruption comes through innovation. Generali Greece was ready to go beyond the conventional insurance market functions and came to us with the request to map a new health product. Generali’s four core values– simplicity, innovation, empathy and care – had to be incorporated into a new services model that would offer more than just insurance.
After a thorough research of all the available options in the health insurance market, insights from insurance brokers and customers’ contemporary needs were combined in order to bring what Generali needed, to life.

We came up with an agile, modular scheme of a health insurance product that can be fully customized in simple steps by everyone. —

Providing 3600 insurance through conventional health covereges and a variety of innovative apps and tools for the customers well-being.

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Consulting, Branding, Product Development, Site Development, Site Design, Media Campaign


The website and the Life On DIY tool are just the tip of the iceberg.  Below lies state of the art development and detailed funnelling of almost all types of customers’ profiles. Every filled form is directly connected to a Generali insurance agent highlighting the personalization factor that Life On stands for.


Life On was launched on January 2021 fully supported by a digital and social campaign so as to raise awareness and leads. Stay tuned for the results.