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For the first time in human history, developments in all levels are advancing quicker than we could ever predict. is a blog that aspires to be in the heart of these developments and to measure their “pulse”. —

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Our goal is to offer information, perspective , create a field of reflection and start a discussion about everything that is happening today and yet define the world of tomorrow.

Why Pencil On The Moon

According to a popular urban legend, during the “space race”, NASA spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless research hours in order to develop a pen which would write in space. At the same time, the Russians were just using pencils instead. Like with all urban myths, there are indeed some elements of truth in it, NASA did explore the possibility of manufacturing a pen that would write in zero gravity, but due to the high cost, astronauts carried on using pencils.

History, however, gives us the opportunity to emphasize on the importance of simplicity, while at the same time it obliges us to acknowledge the value of research and development, which are the main pillars of this blog.