For everything you cherish…

What matters in life? Α boy seems to know the answer since throught-out the film we see him collecting memories in the form of small paper notes. A tangible proof of the love he experiences through small everyday pieces of life. He has the wisdom to acknowledge they won’t last forever. Like Generali, the boy knows how valuable and at the same time vulnerable every moment of our life is

Let’s cherish these moments by living them in the fullest and protect them with the care they deserve. —

While we hear the same soundtrack as in our first spot, ordinary but precious everyday scenes roll in over our screen and bring out our own memories of unique and brief pieces of life.


The digital spot was shared through Generali’s Facebook Page and Youtube Channel for awareness purposes during a period of 2 months along with digital native articles and brought approximately 8.5M views.

Concept, Production, Media Campaign