Our life is a reviving pattern of our dearest memories

The 3rd and most recent Generali’s Greece corporate spot is the conclusion of our «Cherish what you love» trilogy. A journey through memory and time reveals small everyday behavioural patterns which manifest throughout our life without us even realizing them.

The small pieces of love that we once lived, will always live within us. Because life is made out of tiny moments of love. –

Moments that Generali knows how to protect. Archetypical memories of our past selves blend with our grown-up lifestyle and revealing that every small action of love is kept inside of us and becomes not just a moment to remember but a way of living.


The spot was distributed through Generali’s Facebook Page and Youtube channel for brand awareness purposes and it was also supported by a series of digital native articles. In a two-month period promotion it gathered approximately 12M views.

Concept, Production, Media Campaign